Global Technology Impact Fund
A   Qualified   Opportunity   Zone   Investment   Fund
For the Future of our planet!

The Fund’s approach to this Opportunity Zone sponsorship is to leverage huge opportunities by using engineering concepts that mimic the brilliance of nature, to build businesses, products and services that are beneficial to the earth, productive, sustainable, profitable, and protective with long term creation of desirable jobs.



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-  Global Technology Impact Fund (GTIF) is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZ)
-  GTIF is part of the Global Technology Impact Group a consortium of Clean-Tech Companies
-  Our focus is on renewable and environmentally friendly investments
-  The OZ program offers attractive long term tax incentives
-  Allows long term gains to compound potenAally tax free
-  The fund is managed by a world class team in
their respective fields of Technical, Engineering, Operations, & Investing
-  Multiple synergies between the companies within the fund

Our Investment Portfolio

Digital Direct IR Inc.    

Digital Direct IR, Inc. has developed an innovative multi-spectrum thermal infrared sensor. The company’s technology has applications in vehicle safety, autonomous cars, healthcare, security and first responders. D2IR’s sensor can simultaneously see both the mid and far parts of the light spectrum and works in conjunction with a ultra-wide spectrum lens.

Traction D2IR has successfully manufactured and tested its pixel. It has also licensed its technology within the healthcare industry and
was profitable in 2020. The company will perfect its design in 2021 and begin commercial sales in 2022.

Market Size | The company believes that the automotive sensor market is in excess of $10 billion per annum, the security market is in excess of $5 billion per annum, the military market is $2 billion per annum and the healthcare market is $1 billion.

Key Team Members
Peter Kaufman – Founder and CTO
Steve Van Fleet – COO
Dr. NM Ravindra – Science Advisor

Eget Liber

Cyanobacteria are toxic Blue-green algae infesting and infecting waterways all over the world. Eget Liber uses a patented ROV mitigation boat with high-energy photonics. The ROV Boat operates autonomously from the GPS. Once killed, Eget Liber removes the material and sends it to our strategic partner for conversion into usable biodiesel fuel.

Traction | Eget Liber has developed its protype boat and has received multiple state grant awards. In addition, the company is in discussions with multiple municipalities for large contracts.

Market Size | The market is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion and is evergreen as it returns every year.

Key Team Members
Jason Dean – CEO
Dr. Joseph Milstein – Partner
Joseph PalmioFo – Partner


ElectroMax has developed a scalar longitudinal wave (SLW) antenna which enhances critical RF cellular infrastructure,
bandwidth, and power. As 5G rolls out worldwide, SLW will be increasingly needed to improve network capacity
and device connectivity.

Traction ElectroMax is currently testing its initial designs with multiple industry partners including the US Navy, the U.S. Army, NIST, and
the 5G Spectrum Consortium.

Market Size | The company estimates that in 2020 there were 453,000 5G base stations and that by 2023 there will be 4.2 million.

Key Team Members
Oscar de Leon – Chief Executive Officer
William Edwards – Chief Technology Officer
Leo Giocometto – Government Relations Advisor

Drone Data Management

Drone Data Management provides drone flight imaging and analysis services. The data collected is processed and analyzed
by their staff producing reports tailored to the client requirements. Their multi-spectral imaging and analysis capabilities provide clients with valuable data that is unavailable from conventional means and saving money and time.

Traction The company has purchased a fleet of drones and advanced cameras. DDM has completed projects for oil services clients
and done extensive imaging of solar fields.

Market Size | The market for land surveys, water resources, roof condition, water intrusion, insurance, safety, pipe leakage, home
inspections, agriculture, utilities, road and bridge inspections is in excess of $1 billion annually.

Key Team Members
Tommy Hacking– Chief Pilot
John Conte – President

Fusion 1 Enterprises

FUSION One Enterprises. is an information technology solutions provider specializing in Information Technology Business solutions, Security,
Compliance, Digital Identity and Artificial Intelligence. Our team has designed, developed, and integrated a series of proprietary IT technologies to address and
meet a variety of compliance regulations required by U.S. Federal Government and international standards.

Products & Services 
1)  Next Generation Digital Identity and Trust Services (Digital Signatures and PKI)
2)  Artificial Intelligence Applications, including Adversarial Machine Learning
for Vulnerability Management and Ethical hacking
3) IT Security, Governance and Regulatory Compliance Services
4) Business Transactional Engine and suite of solutions for S&B and Digital Transformation
5) Next generation digital citizen framework with secure identity and payment system
including Blockchain and quantum enhanced security features

Market Opportunity | Fusion 1’s opportunity is to deliver and distribute a suite of products and services to the
business community that can seamlessly and securely navigate through and between
different verticals and segments that require regulatory compliance and oversight.
- Regulatory Markets (Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Education, Government)
- Small and Enterprise Businesses
- General Public

Key Team Members |
Urayoan    Camacho    (CISM,CISA,CDPSE,CEH)    –    Chief    Executive    Officer        
Dr.    Chase    Cunningham    –    Chief    Technology    and    Cybersecurity    Advisor    
Jim    Zalnasky    –    Business    Development    and    Government    Relations    

Fund Leadership Team

 Peter Kaufman – President & CTO

Mr. Kaufman is the Founder, President and CTO of GTIF. With over 30 years of experience in engineering and consulting in the electronics manufacturing and product design industry, he has acquired an extensive array of industry contacts and resources and participated in a very wide variety of project areas in product development and R&D. Patent development includes electro-optical, imaging, photonics, magnetics, medical devices and semiconductor device development.

He has been involved with development projects for Firematic, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Emergency Services products and many more. His work areas include optics, video, touch sensors, power systems, broadcast and closed circuit RF, power line RF, radiation safety, abatement and compliance, power and control audio, speaker development, fiber optics, motor technology, thermodynamics, Thermo-Electric Cooling, energy management, security electronics, electronics packaging, video monitors, µC system hardware design, interfacing, control and sensing software, specialized low power RF, vertically polarized RF systems, law enforcement products, Firematic products, audio enhancement systems, ultra wide band optics and lenses, multi-spectral imaging camera design, semiconductor wafer fabrication design, MEMS semiconductor design and fabrication, laser illumination, laser targeting, laser distance measurement, ballistics engineering, photonic detonators, laser communications, electronic toys & others. Compliance engineering & agency approvals: UL, CSA, VDE, FCC, FDA, MP3, etc. Projects for: General Motors: Delco Radio Division & Delco Remy Motor Division, Apple Computer, Phillips/Amperex, NASA, NYC Board of Education, US Postal Service, Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, NYPD, NYC Dept. of Corrections, Altec Lansing, Atari, Sony, Hitachi, EDS/Vanstar
and many more. Mr. Kaufman has fulfilled custom contract work for many notable customers and has done work in and for radio communications, Firematic systems, SONY, General Motors production line systems, NASA Space Shuttle Simulator Display systems, certified Apple Computer Developer and many others that all required diverse engineering and product development skills

Oscar de Leon – Director

Has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry via his firm, Cytec Software Systems Inc. that had several offices in the Southwest U.S., Mexico and India.
Currently as a government relations consultant he has been involved in marketing, business development, and management for technology clients. He has marketed and conducted business development activities for major national commercial accounts, national labs, major universities and defense industry clients.
His contract management capabilities include over 25 years working experience on projects requiring a thorough understanding of federal, state and local government regulations, laws, and related requirements. Most importantly, his technical writing skills include preparing technical proposals, point papers, and
statements of work comprised of process maps, project plans, cost estimates, and risk assessments. Mr. De Leon is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with an advanced degree earned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gib Dunham – Financial Advisor

Mr. Dunham is the Chief Investment Officer at Bridgeway Wealth Partners where he is responsible for originating public and private investments, including private equity, real estate and hedge funds. He was formerly a Managing Director with Hywin Capital Management, a $20 billion Asian institution. He was the Chief Investment Officer for Alternative Capital Advisers, a multi-strategy hedge fund allocator. He was a Partner at a $4 billion multi-family office responsible for security selection, risk management and alternative allocations. Before that he was a Vice President at Emigrant Capital, a $150 million private equity fund. Previously he was also the portfolio manager at $4.5 billion hedge fund group where he was seeded and launched his own fund. His career began at Bear, Stearns in investment banking in the telecommunications group. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has received his CFA, CAIA, CMT, QFA and CIC designations and has a certificate in structured products.

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